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E-Library is a database of electronic books (eBooks), containing over 100,000 titles across a wide range of subjects. You can search for eBooks by author, title, keyword, etc., or browse by subject category

E-Library is a book publication made available in digital form, consisting of text, images, or both, readable on the flat-panel display of computers or other electronic devices. Commercially produced and sold e-books are usually intended to be download on google play store. Our mission is to impact researchers and information seekers around the globe, and E-library fits perfectly in our main strategy in a sense where it facilitates access to information and impacts libraries and institutions positively on all the aspects of their daily work and helps them take decisions based on facts and insights.

How it used.

E-Library provides a complete content search, browse and delivery experience to your end users.

  • Multiple ways to locate e-Library in our Books
  • Integrated e-Library Platform Service
  • Access anytime, anywhere
  • E-library usage in user attitudes and behaviors
  • Infrastructure and Application Security

Some Features

With the available wide range of integrated modules that allow you to control access, manage subscriptions and trials, change content and review usage analytics.

Online Book

E-Library available in full text may be viewed online. Printing e-book content viewing online is typically very ease.

Download Books

E-Library can download digital content any time, to a computer or a mobile device. We also offer one-on-one assistance


Powerful Categorised tools that let you manage content, media galleries and chose from a wide range of user interfaces

User Freindly

Our E-library is ready whenever you need to, no need for IT expertise or hardware on your premises. All you need is an internet connection !

Join Over Million Peoples Already Using

E-Library is great for your personal purpose to improve. We also offer enterprise solution for E-Library. You can get E-Library from Play Store.

Client's Feedback

We collaborate with the leading specialized publishers from around the world, E-Library is trusted by Publishers from all over the globe.

A digital library, digital repository, or digital collection, is an online database of digital objects that can include text, still images, audio, video, or other digital media formats. In addition to storing content, digital libraries provide means for organizing, searching, and retrieving the content contained in the collection.
An efficient upgrade strategy is in place to make sure you never lose your data. Copies are taken offline and off-site to make sure there is always a restore point.
The workflow is fully integrated in the e-library portal. Execute your training plan, schedule sessions and webinars based on what your users need, and publish/submit calendar events in a few clicks, and review attendance and feedback in real-time.
If you've downloaded a previous version of the manuscript and you didn't make any changes, you don't need to upload it as a new version.
  • Login to our website at
  • or subscribe to play store
  • Access E-library to search
  • Select the file you want to upload
  • Click 'Upload', to get E-Library.